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Our kit is designed for 15-20 uses


What is Brow Lamination?

Eyebrow lamination is a brow enhancement process that works to shape and lift your eyebrows while creating a shiny and smooth style. Laminated brows are relaxed, straightened and lifted to offer a longer, fuller look, creating a beautiful shape and style. This beauty technique requires a keratin-based chemical solution that relaxes the hairs, giving your aesthetician the flexibility to lift your brows and create tall, straight hairs.

After your natural brow hairs are styled to your desired shape, a setting lotion is used to maintain the look, resulting in fuller-looking eyebrows

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Eyebrow lamination is sometimes called an “eyebrow perm” since the procedure can make your brows look brushed up, lifted and gelled for about six weeks. Although microblading and eyebrow tattoos use dye strokes to create lines and depth, the brow lamination process is simple, pain-free and doesn’t require needles or dye.

How does it look ?

How long does the lamination last ?

6- 8 weeks on both eyebrows and eyelashes

Watch the video 

Our kit caters for both for eye lashes and eyebrow lamination and will have enough for 20 uses

Direction of use

1.Thoroughly clean the eyebrow area with oil free cleansing cotton pads.
2.Apply glue on the eyebrow area in sections, using a Y brush (provided in the kit) to brush them all in the required direction and fix them there.

step 1.png

3.Using a micro fiber brush  to apply step 1 lifting lotion to eyebrows for 5 minutes and cover it it with Glad Wrap

apply step 1.jpg

4. Wipe away with a dry cloth the solution of pen 1 in the desired direction of the hair 

5. Apply pen 2 for 5 minutes covering it in Cling Wrap

apply pen 2.jpg

6. Using a clean cloth wipe away the remaining lotion from pen 2

7. Use the mascara brush and apply nutrition (pen 3) to nourish and stimulate the hair, for 3 minutes . keep the eyebrows dry for 24 hours, tweeze if necessary

step 3 pen 3.jpg

The Product

Thin eyebrows?

Lamination works best with thick eyebrows or microblading

If your eyebrows are thin and have not done microblading but feel that you want a thicker fuller brow try the below products the work like a bomb!

Money back Guarantee

We offer a 14 - day money back guarantee. We have formulated our products using only top grade ingredients to insure maximum benefits and best results.


Need help ?

If you bought the product from us and need assistance by video, we now offer a zoom meeting

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